25 June 1983

The day "Indian Pride" changed forever

25th June 1983 - For most Indians, especially cricket fans (which is most Indians), that day will remain etched in memory as the most glorious EVER.

For years and years, we asked each other WHERE WERE YOU when Kapil Dev lifted the Prudential Cup on the balcony of Lords?

I was in London, BUT not at Lords and not even anywhere watching the match... I was 11 years old and with mom, dad and alok. We were shopping around London - fortunately we were shopping for a VCR... fortunately because that meant we were going into electronic stores which had TVs and the match on!

I will not profess to remember moments from that day, I was way too young... but I do remember a buzz around. I could sense that something of a big deal was gong on around us and all the Indians we saw seemed to be excited.... I do remember some moments (maybe what I remember is from the 5000 times I have watched replays of the match)....

Sandhu getting one to come in to get Greenidge... Perplexing...

Kapil Dev running 40 yards, looking over his shoulder, taking Viv Richards' catch... Richie Benaud says, "Good Shot" and then quickly changes it to "Not SO Good"....

Clive Lloyd being caught by Kapil again..... Richie Benaud goes "He's GONNNNNNE"... words that bring goose-pimples to me even as i write this

Dujon playing-on Mohinder Amarnath and then banging the pitch in frustration and disgust..... and of course, the final moment when Holding was LBW to Amarnath... and all the Indian players gleefully running towards the pavilion in triumph, relief, joy, disbelief, excitement, pride - all rolled into one heady concoction!

Moments such as this happen very seldom in history and leave you wondering where was I when India won the World Cup for the first time?

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