26 May 2008

First Ever All-English Champions League Final - 21st May 2008

Manchester United had played 2 European Cup finals and won both... a good omen, for sure.
The night before the final.... I couldnt sleep because of sheer nerves (as if I was going to be playing). Its just that I follow Manchester United all year long, year after year, looking forward to the possibility of such a final. When it comes around, I want to hold on to the moment.

So I couldnt sleep and kept thinking... what if we won, what if.... how would it feel, what would it be like... how would I celebrate. So I decided that if we do win, I would have a party at home to celebrate with all my friends (a bit over the top, i admit, but what the hell!)... photos of the party in slideshow in left margin

I found it almost impossible to work all day because of the nerves, settled down to watch the game and realised for the first time (!) that it would be excruciating to lose to Chelsea in such a final. I hate the Chelsea blues.

Ronaldo scored and my reaction was a mix of elation and caution - hold boys, dont concede immediately. keep calm. United kept attacking as only United do... 3, 4, 5 guilt-edged chances... we were playing them off the park and should have put the game away!!

Unfortunately they did equalise just before half time and the game turned a bit... United hung on and it went through to Extra Time into the dreaded penalty shoot-out... Now it was a lottery, a lottery we HAD TO WIN.

Tevez, Ballack, Carrick, Belletti all score
The last person you expected to miss was Cristiano Ronaldo, but he did.
Lampard scores to put Chelsea ahead....... Hargreaves, Cole and Nani score too.......
Up steps John Terry.... I'm sure its all over, cant bear to watch, in fact I DONT watch the penalty..... I only hear that he's missed..... YES!
Anderson and Kalou take care of the first two
Up stepped, Ryan Giggs.. record 759th appearance for the club.. the most decorated footballer in the history of the sport. Coolly scores in the bottom right corner.

And then the magic moment... Anelka vs Van Der Sar.... VAN DER SAVES IT.....

European Champions again!!!!

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