07 September 2014

Top 10 joys of being Johaan's father (just about 75+ days into being one)

....in no particular order

1. Getting him to go to sleep when he is particularly restless, patience, a lot walking around, humming, rocking. And then finally he's asleep.

2. He's asleep, almost. He opens his eyes. Looks straight at my face. Seems to be reassured. Goes back to sleep.

3. Papa and Mama holding him.

4. Watching Ruch feed him, such a loving experience for both Johaan's mama and Johaan.

5. Burping him after his feed multiple times a day, slow and steady.

6. Walking up to stand next to his cot, his eyes are wandering, focussing on nothing. He looks at me, looks away, looks at me again. Smiles, laughs.

7. The first selfie with both of us in United jerseys!

8. Having him lie down on my chest and holding his little fingers.

9. Falling asleep along with him.

10. Massaging and bathing him in the morning, especially if he is well fed, Such a joy and he loves it!

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