21 January 2015

10 years that have changed the world of Activation.

10 years ago when a brand had a moment of truth with a consumer through activation, it was just that – a single moment of truth. And that was the big challenge at the time, justifying the cost per contact as marketing spend worth doing. It was an uphill task to compare the numbers delivered by mass media like TV, Radio and Press and compare that to the superior quality of contact delivered by activation and direct consumer contact.

Over the past few years, it has all changed and the key drivers for the change have been technology, digital media, Social media & mobile amplification.

Technology has allowed and facilitated unique and engaging quality of contact with consumers. Ever changing and developing technologies are making life rather interesting for consumers.

Digital Amplification has now made it possible to intensively engage with consumers through permission marketing post the initial activation contact. This was typically done through voice calls earlier but was expensive, tedious and intrusive. Digital marketing allowed us to reach consumers repeatedly post-activation and build stronger brand-consumer relationships.

Social Media Amplification has been a match made in heaven for activation to be amplified to audiences beyond those present at the immediate activation location. This allows for greater width and length in the activation reach. Thereby making each activation rupee spent far more effective and justifiable.

And finally, what may prove to be the biggest game-changer of all, the impact of Mobile Amplification on activation. The one ‘thing’ the consumer has with him at all time and thus at the point of activation is the mobile. This lends itself as a unique opportunity to not only drive greater width and length of the activation reach but also push greater activation depth. Activation depth is the ability to engage with the same consumer repeatedly over a period of time. Mobile Amplification combines all of the above and drives greater activation width, length and depth!

It’s been a long time coming, but in the next 10 years, Activation is where it’s at.

Atul S. Nath is the Founder; Managing Director of Candid Marketing, founded in 1995. You can follow atul’s musings on twitter @atuln

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